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July 30, 2012 16:16

mike tran

Janex Software (edit) Topic created 2 weeks ago Edit Topic
I’m getting ALOT of Gateway Timeout errors lately.

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Chris Lange (edit) – 2 weeks ago Edit Post

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We were having some issues with the API yesterday, but we’re unsure why we’re seeing so many Gateway Timeouts. We’ll work on this and comment on this thread when we have a resolution or an update as to why its happening.


Chris Lange (edit) – 2 weeks ago Edit Post

We’ve confirmed that the issue is on our server side and I’m currently getting a programmer and network operations involved. The Departments feed normally takes ~1s and is currently taking ~20s for some reason. Thank you for your patience.

Chris Lange (edit) – 2 weeks ago Edit Post

Hi Janex Software,

At this time we suggest using the as replacement for the full departments download. It turns out that our internal developers moved away from because of its increased load time. I’m working with them to try and get it back under the Gateway Timeout time, but it may be just a bit before that happens. is the same as

Janex Software (edit) – 1 week ago Edit Post

Hi Chris,

I’ve tried the other endpoint and its still giving me the same error.


Chris Lange (edit) – 1 week ago Edit Post

Hi Janex Software,

We’ve made two changes today hoping to improve the Gateway Timeout errors.

We made changes to our Firewall to make sure all IP addresses for Mashery are not blocked. There were some updates that it appears we may have missed resulting in getting a Gateway Timeout.

We made some speed improvements to the query behind the Departments reply endpoint, and the department endpoint in general.

We’re still testing the changes, and I’m still seeing timeouts on Departments, but I’m starting to see an overall improvement in regards to Gateway Timeouts.

We’ll continue monitoring this throughout the weekend and next week.


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