Request Params/Filtering

You could pass the following request parameters/filtering in conjunction with a search term, a list of reviews or products to filter your results.

type parameter {values}

int page {1-N}  
Current page number, default 1. 
int perpage {1-100}
Number of items per page, default 24. 
enum sort { RatingHighToLow, RatingLowToHigh, HelpfulScoreHighToLow, HelpfulScoreLowToHigh, SubmissionDateNewToOld, SubmissionDateOldToNew }
-Sorting method for a list of reviews, default in bold. 
enum sort { Brand, Newest, SavingsHighToLow, DiscountHighToLow, LowestPrice, HighestPrice, HighestRated, MostReviewed, SearchRanking, CostAndQuantityAscending, OnSale, TopSellersScore, EndecaRelevance }
-Sorting method for a list of products, default in bold.

 -The request below will returned a list of products starting from page#2 showing 100 products per page and sort by SearchRanking.