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Upcoming Mobile Shopping App:

Our developers are hard at work developing a shopping app that utilizes our API. This app will give users the ability to browse, search, read reviews and make purchases on their Droids and iPhones. Here is a sneak preview screenshot of it. More to come...



Contest Winners: King of The Code Monkeys Challenge

Grand Prize Winner: ($1,000 STP Gift Card + $500 Cash + Year Mountain Dew Supply + King of Code Monkey Crown)

Congratulations to Jonathan Isabelle for winning our King of the Code Monkeys Challenge! He created a Windows 7 phone app which list our product listing and link them to our mobile website. The user could search, browse, and navigate our product catalogs then clicking through to complete a purchase on our mobile site. Here are some screenshots of the grand prize winning app. 

dept listing

Most Creative & Fun Winner ($250 Cash + $250 Gift Card): 

The Most Creative & Fun award went to Joel Martinez. Joel created http://www.dapperhawk.com which is a price alert shopping site. It notifies the user when an item he/she is watching drops in prices. 


  Other Apps:

Below are a few cool apps from ReCommerce Hack Day (Sept. 17, 2011) that used Sierra's API:

1) PikWithMe (Sierra Trading Post's Best Overall App Winner)

Description: This app is intended to allow real-time online collaborative shopping with friends. Users can invite friends to shop online with them and help them pick out accessories that match certain outfits. The app searches various merchandisers product's APIs, including Sierra Trading Post, for products and accessories to assemble and purchase. It also sends out emails & SMS invites asking friends to join in.

Created By: Richard Hoppes, Renaun Erickson, Terence Carroll


2) ServerAdminDownTime (Sierra Trading Post's Most Creative App Winner)


ServerAdmin Downtime is a command-line web services browser. It allows users to search Sierra Trading Post's products API and browse ASCII art versions of Sierra's catalog.  

Created By: Shannon Peevey

Website: https://sierra-trading-post.3scale.net/Sierra_ASCII_Art_Search*

*Shannon has inspired us to rewrite his bash script into PHP so that we could display the ASCII characters over the web, we've also made a few enhancements. It's a pretty fun way to search our product catalog, try it Here!

Here is the homepage logo viewed with the browser:


Here is a pair of Asolo boots:

3) ChkChkDing!

Description: ChkChkDing! is a carnival-style game that allows users to compete against one another by guessing the price of an item (displayed on the right-hand side of the screen). The closer the guess is to the item's actual price, the faster the user's icon will move towards the finish line.

Created By:

WebSite: http://www.chkding.com/


4) Today's Thread (WAYWT!?)

Description: WAYWT!? stands for What Are You Wearing Today!? Site/App that allow users to upload pictures of what they're wearing and tag the clothes that they're wearing; when users hovers over the picture they could click on it to purchase the item. Allow users to integrate affiliate's tracking. Has the potential to turn all users into affiliate's partners.  

Created by: Rahim Sonawalla

Website: http://screencast.com/t/wiwe58f6GEv